ING Bank Hampers Hurricane Aid

Cuba was hit hard by the devastating storm "Irma" over the weekend two weeks ago. Since then, more than sixty thousand Euros have been received in the account of the Friendship Society FRG-Cuba! Of course, this sum comes nowhere close to all the repairs now necessary by the material damage left behind by "Irma". Further donations are welcome and urgently required.

In this situation, a Dutch banking house, the ING bank, has bowed to the anti-Cuba policy of the USA and blocked this fund. A friend of Cuba living in the Netherlands wanted to make a donation to the Hurricane Aid account of the Friendship Society. But the ING bank stated that it does not conduct transactions which have "direct or indirect connection with certain countries", specifically Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria, so the bank refused to accept and forward the sum.

The bank also stated: "In line with the policy described above we cannot transact this payment. The amount will be returned to your account immediately."

The FRC-Cuba Friendship Society declares that the urgently necessary normalization of relations between Cuba and the EU member states can only be achieved by complete terminating the US blockade against Cuba, which is still supported by some EU members. The EU also maintains tougher conditions for all financial transactions, surcharges on transport or credit restrictions affecting Cuba. The ING's action indicates that our name, which naturally contains the word "Cuba", can be an obstacle to a free economic and financial exchange.

The FRG-Cuba Friendship Society calls on all people of good will to resist the blockade of Cuba and to help the Cuban people, who have suffered million-fold damage in the wake of the hurricane "Irma". Cuba will never submit to any kind of obstacles placed in its path. It can remain free only as long as it continues on its socialist path of development.

Freundschaftsgesellschaft BRD-Kuba FRG-Cuba Friendship society
Cologne, 19. Sept. 2017

Please donate to

IBAN: DE96 3702 0500 0001 2369 00, BIC: BFSWDE33XXX
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft, Köln


ING-Bank behindert Hurrikan-Hilfe

El banco ING obstaculiza la ayuda por el huracán en Cuba

La banque ING contrarie l‘aide pour l‘ouragan

Banca olandese ING ostacola aiuto per uragano IRMA a Cuba

ING-Bank belemmert hulp aan stormslachtoffers

ING Bank prepyatstvuyet pomoshchi zhertvam uragana

ING Bankasi firtina (kasirga) sonrasi yardimlari engelliyor

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Hurricane "Irma" hits Cuba

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Many small and several larger donations contribute to this success. Especially the large number of smaller donations confirms according the campaign's current score "Every Euro counts"!
After the devastation caused by hurricane Irma in Cuba, it is this solidarity, that will help Cuba to mitigate the effects of this disaster.
Despite the economic, trade and financial blockade, Cuba is an example when it comes to letting the sentence of Che Guevara "Solidarity is the tenderness of the people" become reality. Let us return a part of the solidarity that Cuba is giving with its medical aid and educational programmes in many poor countries around the world.